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How to move a mountain...

Sir, why don’t you just stand in front of it, feeling helpless and weak … maybe then YOU will move away… and maybe it will be the same as actually moving the mountain… right? No?

Or, try force of strength sir… do you have it in you? With great courage, PUSH! You can get it to move an inch sometimes, or as is more likely, you will just get bruised and sore muscles… also likely you’ll dislodge the surface dirt, and be buried under it!

FAITH, anyone? Try sir, it’s a great product! Wise men have recommended it for centuries… Close your eyes, try hard, conjure up some deep faith, and lo! When you open your eyes, it will be… hmmm does the mountain seem even bigger???

I confess sir, I do not know how to move a mountain… I am so sick and tired of it, though! It just stands and stands there in front of me… I used to think it’s mocking me… I’ve realized now, it’s not. It is just in the nature of mountains to STAND… just like it’s in the nature of man to DEEPLY WANT to move them!

So it seems I stood there for centuries, sir, in an endlessly looping mental, physical and spiritual battle against it… and I was soooooo tired! And when there was nothing left inside me to fight with, there was only one small, steady voice inside me, that said to my mountain “Move aside mountain, I am done with you!”

To my intense shock, my mountain bowed deeply, and stepped nimbly out of my way with a “Yes MASTER!” You see, sir, it was a matter of realizing who was the master… when you are a master INSIDE, it is in the nature of mountains to RECOGNIZE it and step aside…

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