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“Always use the low flame with a pressure cooker,” I’ve never forgotten this tip received from a beloved aunt when I was growing up… “Let the food take its time to cook, don’t try to hurry it along, because you can’t!”

The laws of Physics dictate how fast food gets cooked. Other laws govern the speed of other things on earth. From instant coffee to self-realization, everything has its own speed.

"Shanaih shanaih uparamed buddhya dhrti-grhitaya" (Bhagavad Gita 6.25)

“Slowly, gradually, by focusing within, the mind assumes steadiness/gravity.”

The point is “shanaih shanaih” – slowly, slowly. Things take time to take root and grow within one’s heart and soul. Some things take seconds, some years, some lifetimes. And that’s ok. Frustration and impatience are no accelerators.

One puts into the cooker ONLY THAT which one likes to see cooked. One keeps a low flame. Shanaih shanaih, behold perfection!

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