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Ever tried those exercises where you’re supposed to stand on one leg? Balancing on one leg is tough! That is, until you figure out this simple and instantaneous trick – bring your attention to your core – your center of gravity – and stay focused there. Then there is no struggle for balance – it comes naturally.

And we’ve heard time and again how it’s the same approach for everything else in life… Find your center, stay focused on it, and everything else falls into place!

I’ve never been particularly good at being centered, but I know good people who are amazing at it! My boss (the most remarkable leader I’ve ever met), always said “I do my work, the rest is noise”. It’s true – Focusing on one’s routing and the job at hand keeps one harnessed. Others swear by running, exercise, prayer, meditation…

Here’s what the Gita says:

“yuktahara-viharasya yukta-cestasya karmasu yukta-svapnavabodhasya yogo bhavati duhkha-ha” (B.G. 6.17)

Centered while eating and in recreation, centered mentally during work, centered in dreaming and wakefulness - such is the practice of yoga that defeats sorrows.

“yatha dipo nivata-stho nengate sopama smrta yogino yata-cittasya yunjato yogam atmanah” (B.G. 6.19)

As a lamp in a sheltered place does not flutter, so is the controlled mind the yogi who practices being situated in the Self.

Forget the noise. Be the lamp!

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